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      On stage, I use Mesa boogie triple two channel rectifier amps, a Gibson Les Paul classic plus with Seymour Duncan and a G&L Asat Classic semi-hollow, and a Miller Acoustic Guitar.  I have a variety of new and vintage guitar pedals such as Eventide, Maxon, Geoffrey Teese, Fulltone, Boss, Digitech, MXR, and Electro Harmonix.  I use Thomastik guitar strings and Clayton 1.26mm guitar picks.

      This is Raul Bianchi, otherwise known as the liability, and I play guitar for the expendables.  When we are not touring I lead a pretty boring life.  I like to spend time with my friends and family, exercise, play guitar, and developing a hair straightener specifically designed for male pubic hair.

      Right before I started high school I was at a friend’s house and a bunch of kids were sitting around playing Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Led Zeppelin songs on acoustic guitars.  I was mesmerized by how they could coax those similar sounds out of the guitar with their hands.  The next day I asked to borrow my dad’s old nylon guitar and changed my class schedule so I could take the intro to guitar class.  I have been playing ever since.  I took private lessons for a little while but am mostly self-taught.

      There are so many different nuances to the guitar that you can never stop learning new sounds, styles, tones and techniques.  There were two major events in my youth that greatly impacted my development as a guitarist.  One was being off at college away from my friends.  I had no one to play with so I just played along with songs on my computer.  I would figure out the songs and also solo over them.  Doing that not only improved my improvisational skills but also greatly helped to develop my ear.  The other was working at a music store.  There was a guy named Scot that was a shredder who basically was a teacher to me when the store was empty.  Any theory or technique questions I had he would help me out.  The music store was also where I began my obsession with guitar tones and effects pedals.