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      Hi my name is Ryan and I play bass for the expendables. When the band is not on tour I have a pretty active life at home. I spend most my time doing what a lot of Santa Cruzians do like surfing, going to the beach, hiking, mountain biking and golfing. I also hang with the band guys and our group of friends and we like to go to bars in town, giants and sharks games and BBQ. We practice off tour a lot and I do a lot of song writing and home recording. I also hang with my girlfriend and parents and we like to drink wine.

      I started playing bass in jr high. My first band I was in was called Morbid Obesity. I was a freshman in high school and Shaun Logan was in the band too. After MO I started a band with some friends and we were a punk band called "No Compromise". We sucked really bad and we only had 6 songs or so. After that I reunited with Morbid Obesity with two new members and Shaun on guitar. I was the singer and we changed are name to Clusion than changed to The Pack. By this time I was a junior and The Pack actually played parties. The Pack's drummer started flaking when I met up with Branch Out, who was looking for a bassist. I stopped singing in The Pack and started playing bass again for Branch Out. We played parties and started playing The Catalyst. The Catalyst was cool because every Thursday night it was local band night. Instead of paying the bands they would get 200 free tickets to sell and keep the money. No bands ended up selling the tickets because they would just give them to their friends. this is the time when I met Adam. His band, The Expendables, was looking for a bass player and he asked if I would come jam with he and Cam. That was about 2001.